What a friend and I were doing yesterday, which was much more salubrious than sitting at the computer.

Broken Bay
Brisbane Waters, where it meets Broken Bay.

Lion Island
Lion Island, at the entrance to Broken Bay

Sandstone Cliffs
Sandstone Cliffs line much of the Hawkesbury River

I’d rather be…

Palm Beach NSW
Palm Beach, NSW, and Barrenjoey Head.

Pittwater… beautiful.

Yacht on the Hawkesbury
Yacht on the Hawkesbury.

It was a stunning day, not a cloud in the sky, and delightfully balmy autumn weather. The trip was called “4 Waterways” and was aboard the Lady Kendall II which left from Gosford Wharf. All in all a very pleasant day.


7 thoughts on “Cruisin’

  1. 🙂 It was a glorious day 🙂 Sorry you’re not closer to the coast, Michael… but aren’t you also in WA? Quite a distance from us!

  2. Our nearest beach is Esperance, which was recently judged the best in Australia! I can vouch for that, even though it is five hours drive.

  3. Yes glorious describes the experience. I had nuch the same on Blacksmiths beach with no waves to speak and with pristine magic of blue transperant water. My girlies had a wow day!
    Super Kyte

  4. @Michael: 5 hours to the beach? I’d have to go on holidays for that.

    @giovanni: but did you catch anything?

  5. I did get a bite and haul onto the beach but do you realy want to know about the world worst fisherman. Yeah is was about 3 foot long and you can gues the rest!

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