Macintosh Worm?

Brian Krebs at the Washington Post and Red Herring report on the existence of a worm/trojan currently on OSX.

Well, maybe. Apparently there’s a jpg wandering about, supposedly sending itself via iChat to other iChat users, and its really a worm/trojan which doesnt do anything

I don’t know about you, but I dont accept any kind of file transfer from just anybody, and they usually alert me ahead of time when its going to happen.. for example if we are discussing a picture of some kind, and one’s chat partner says “wanna see?” and you agree… you still have to accept the transfer.

However, proof of concept is the word here, and we Mac users now need to be vigilant so that our computers don’t get compromised by what will inevitably follow this… the psychopaths are going to try to find a way to breach our security. Darnit.


One thought on “Macintosh Worm?

  1. sod 25/02/2006 / 1:00 am

    I’m onto Linux now a lot. Ive just gotta say it does not matter any more what OS. Yes prevelance is more for WIN but what concerns me is that in time what OS you are on will noy matter… the any OS f..kers will spoil. Beware! Take heed.

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