Simply Budgets for Mac

I have mentioned Simply Budgets before and have a page devoted entirely to it, because I have an affiliate account with them. This is because I have been using Simply Budgets for about 3 years now, and love it.

However, I do find it a pain in the ass not to have an OSX version of it available to me, because it means I have to run Virtual PC, which I would not otherwise bother with, because its as slow as a wet week on my eMac.

David Wright is now asking for people who are interested in a Mac version to submit their details on the website and says that if there is sufficient interest, he will contract a Mac programmer right away.

I’d love to have a native MacOSX version, there is NOTHING like this program in OSX-land and I really want it.

So how about it, OSX users… go submit your details to David and lets get a Mac version on the horizon.


2 thoughts on “Simply Budgets for Mac

  1. Angelica Villacampa 14/12/2006 / 12:18 pm

    Cannot seem to submit my interest.

  2. kyte 14/12/2006 / 7:51 pm

    I think he’s decided against. Its almost a year since I posted that, I also posted in Mac forums all over the place and nobody was much interested. They thought it was some kind of scam. So we Mac users have to use VPC or get another Windows machine.

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