Google Print

Books of Revelation
By Eric Schmidt
The Wall Street Journal
October 18, 2005

Imagine sitting at your computer and, in less than a second, searching the full text of every book ever written. Imagine an historian being able to instantly find every book that mentions the Battle of Algiers. Imagine a high school student in Bangladesh discovering an out-of-print author held only in a library in Ann Arbor. Imagine one giant electronic card catalog that makes all the world’s books discoverable with just a few keystrokes by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

That’s the vision behind Google Print, a program we introduced last fall to help users search through the oceans of information contained in the world’s books.

The Point of Google Print

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I rather like the idea, but I can see why the publishers are getting nervous.

I wonder, also, about the notion of one company having all of that… still… as long as we continue to have hardcopy, there shouldnt be any real issues except those of copyright.

Eric Schmidt is the CEO of Google.

[Addit] In order to read the full text of any book, you need a Google account. You might want to consider getting gMail for that purpose (leave a comment with a valid email address stating you’d like a gMail account and I’ll send you an invite). However you can sign up for a google account using any email address via this page.