gMail and File Storage

Its all very well to have vast spaces in which to store your email, but unless you have more email than life, you probably don’t really have a great use for the space gMail is giving. Unless you also need some online storage space.

Enter the gDisk.

gdisk with categories
The gDisk app comes with preset categories which you can choose to install, or not.

The little send window. The Download window is identical. As yet, no progress indicator.

one stored file
The final result. I did try to send a 50mb file, but gDisk crashed. I rather suspect that was because of the inherent filesize limit imposed by gMail in any case.

This application is for MacOSX only, sorry Windows users. But you lot have access to a shell extension called gMail Drive which works as an additional drive and shows up in your Windows Explorer as such.

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One thought on “gMail and File Storage

  1. Michael 22/10/2005 / 6:23 am

    I’m a great fan of gmail. I can’t see the use of this though, as you suggest (unless you have more email than life).

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