Librivox: Free Audiobooks

Free audiobooks are still in their infancy, and most available for free are of such poor quality that you really don’t want to bother.

Librivox has begun a project of getting volunteers to read the Classics and books which are in the Public Domain (they seem to be using the Guteberg texts). It’s a noble effort, and whilst they are still at early stages, by all appearances it seems that this project is going to be a whopper.

So, if you had or have any desire to read out loud for a project such as this, get on over there, join the forums, check out the lists, meet other readers, and hop to it!

Excellent work, Librivox!


2 thoughts on “Librivox: Free Audiobooks

  1. hugh 07/10/2005 / 11:39 pm

    thanks for the plug – i hope you’ll be reading?! … looking for volunteers for treasure island and a few others.


  2. kyte 08/10/2005 / 2:42 pm

    My pleasure, Hugh. No, I don’t think I’ll be reading, I had a trial run and sounded awful. It’s the Aussie drawl: just doesnt work properly for Treasure Island. 🙂 Maybe something else, later.

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