Some time ago (and I don’t even remember when) I placed one of my other email addresses on a waiting list at WordPress.com to be given a blog on that domain. This morning, I received my invitation, and have taken it up. The lads have only just begun releasing invitations, a few a day, so if you want to be in on the early stuff, and have your own wordpress blog hosted at wordpress itself, get on over there and put your email into the invite slot, then sit back and wait.

The multi-user version is interesting, and different… I like it. If ever I decide to let this domain go, I think a hosted wordpress blog will suit me perfectly.

In the meantime, for those of you who remember mindlessblather.com (which, because it was so popular at the time, has now been swept up by one of those companies that SELLS domain names, dammit, I should have taken that spam mail seriously and got some cash for it) I am afraid that its unlikely I will make public its name or URL. This self needs to remain disconnected from that self.

Some people will be notified.

That is all.