Search Keyphrases and what they reveal

I was poking through my stats info this morning, as you do, when having a really tedious morning, and I found that the search keyphrases which bring people to my site are many and varied. Additionally, there are often searches for “kyte” and since there are many people with that surname, and a multiplicity with it as a nickname (I claim first or second, I’ve been using it since 1994) I am never surprised to see that in the list

Imagine my amazement when I saw “sue wotton kyte” in the list. Obviously there is someone out there who is looking for me and who found me. I havent made it easy to make contact via this site, I don’t leave my email address lying around for spambots to collect, so I guess maybe its time I created a contact page with a form, so that those few (yes, it was not just a one-off attempt) people who may want to make contact can do so.

In the meantime, here is an address to go on with. kyte AT bluebottle DOT com. Change the usual things to send email to me, and be prepared for a challenge from the server. Thats its job.


7 thoughts on “Search Keyphrases and what they reveal

  1. I thank that my surname is a simalie
    to a common google term / search …can that be an impediment such as kyte. mmmmmmmmmm

  2. It’s a worry in one sense that people could be stalking us. I tend to think that information is great. It’s how that information is used which needs regulation.

  3. Hi Sue,
    I couldn’t remember how to spell hamarana so typed kyte into Google and found you easily that way.

    I might install wordpress for someone and just wanted to look at yours. I know you are a fan of wordpress and it looks very neat.

    Pleased to see you are enjoying apples and small oranges 🙂

    cheers, Jeff (jvdb)

  4. One was probably me. It’s interesting to see what other ex Aussie people are up to as there’s no longer the forum contact.

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