I just don’t have space in my house for the number of bookcases which are required to hold the books I have had over the years, I suspect I could fill a small council library with those. My current bookcases (only two, admittedly, 6’x3′) are overflowing onto the floor and I dont really have room for more.

Enter the eBook.

When I was using a PC, I had three main methods of reading. The least enjoyable was Adobe reader, for the pdf versions, the next least enjoyable was Microsoft reader which has its own format, incompatible with any other reader, and the most useful of all was yBook reader which at that time was free and probably still is, and it could read a variety of different formats including text (which neither of the others could).

Now that I am using a Mac, Microsoft reader is unavailable to me (except via VPC but I am not that inclined to use it), Adobe Reader is okay, as it was on PC, and I am using eReader from Palm (also available in a Windows Version), and getting free palm format books when I can, from sources like Fictionwise, and others. I wish there were a comparable text reader like yBook, on Mac. Text editors do the job, but you just don’t get the same bookish feel.

For the purists who say theres nothing like reading dead tree versions, I say, I agree absolutely. But trees are limited and books are many. Conservation has become critical to the planet’s survival, so… give it a go. It really isn’t that bad.


3 thoughts on “eBooks

  1. JohnBlade 29/08/2005 / 10:59 pm

    I recommend simply Preview on the Mac. Adobe Reader is a slow heap of steaming dog pile that offers little improvement over Preview….

    Sony were releasing a ‘Reading pad’ which had a nice OLED screen on it for reading only in Japan a few years ago, i wonder if it will ever reach mass market overseas…

  2. kyte 30/08/2005 / 2:08 am

    Preview does not deal with plain text, alas. Its fine for pdf of course, but my old collection is .txt.

    In the end I sprung for ebook reader pro. I like it. double page reading (as if a “real” book,) and more flexibility. That, combined with the freeware “dropbook” means that most of my current collection can be converted easily to the .pdb format for reading in eReader or eReader Pro. neat.

  3. kyte 17/09/2005 / 2:48 am

    Additional info: eReader Pro also reads text files. This is perfect. I am a very happy camper.

    Also, at $9.95 US its dead cheap. I don’t know how long they will maintain this price, it used to be around $30 IIRC.

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