Chain Email Hoaxes and Compulsive Forwarders

I don’t know why people are so damned slow in learning that 90% of the crap that comes into their email box, bearing dire warnings of destruction, is just unmitigated garbage.

This post is prompted by my having received yet another ‘FWD: Please read. IMPORTANT!!’ email. Which wasn’t of course. Important, that is. What it was, was a fwd from a friend of mine about some Budweiser Frog screensaver (hoax in existence since 1997, I think I may have received it the first time in 98), and who, in spite of my repeated requests for her NOT to send these things on without considering whether they are for real or not, still does so. Still does not consult her antivirus company’s website. Still does not google for information. Still does not THINK!! (Never mind the fact that I’ve been using a Mac for the past two years and a) couldn’t use the screensaver even if I got it and b) am not affected by the virus… if there was one… )

For those of you who fall into the category of compulsive forwarders, there are a couple of websites you need to visit. But first, one to check on email hoaxes. There are lots but I kinda liked this one:

Now… compulsive forwarders must immediately follow the link to
which explains pretty much how I feel, and then to
Even though that’s written in tongue-in-cheek style, and intended for ICQ users, it applies to email just as much (probably more, now), so take it seriously for gods sake. I don’t think even Diamondback had any idea how bad the problem would become when he wrote that, back in 1997.

Stop forwarding without thought or consideration. You might be passing a virus on… or you might just be making a bloody nuisance of yourself.

Like the owner of, I am rapidly approaching a time when I will be using a kill filter for my CFD acquaintances.