TDS-3 is dead

I bought a licence for TDS3 when I was a Windows user. I bought it at a time when the Australian dollar was not doing too well against the greenback, and it cost me $AUD99. I paid that premium because I (and everyone else at the Wilders Security Forums) were promised that TDS4 was on the way, in just a short time.

I moved to Apple two years ago, because I had outgrown the need to fight with the insecurities of Windows, but I still keep tabs on whats happening.

So here we are, four (more or less) years since I bought the licence, and on July 22 Wayne announced that TDS3 and TDS4 are dead in the water. Effective immediately.

No matter what the rationale for stopping production now, it would not bother me so much if it werent for those years of broken promises. Not good enough.


7 thoughts on “TDS-3 is dead

  1. sod 28/07/2005 / 9:08 am

    I reckon a year is about a subscriptions worth, despite the promise!

    Are you are angeling at the ‘Ive got a MAC and dont have to worry about this stuff yet line’… na na a na na. stuff??…. I paid for something that was not as promised???? (as often happens on the net!)

    I dont expect an answer that gives TDS-3 some leeway!! and I guess the amount of fractious programing on WIN has driven TDS -3 developers choice to closure, this as an explanation apart from economic forces!

    Ok, I use Win for a lot, however I have never needed TDS-3 AND nothing close to it! and have managed quite well. Most of my programs work well without infecton and trojans apart from some that overburdined managment require rationalization of CPU usage, disc usage and a real knowlege of whats really happening here; this neccesitated dumping some I wont mention.

    As evidenced, MAC changes it OS and MAC is currently not so vunerble to hax and in the refuge of WIN’S crappy issues. TDS-3 helped with these a bit…….How long will it be before these issues are also for MAC; as immense as they are for Windows, how long will it take???

    The devil you know, the devil deal, the devil play, the Devil MAC / WIN /. LINUX or what!

  2. kyte 28/07/2005 / 9:15 am

    I will say “get a Mac!”.

    I have just got home from spending 6 hours at a workmate’s house trying to clean her PC of malware, spyware, adware and nuisanceware. and CWS which just refused to leave until i dug it out, registry key by registry key. Even now it might return, but at last glance it was gone.

    I thank every day that John finally nagged me into switching. I’m over it.

  3. sod 02/08/2005 / 5:55 am

    Still Swaning about the directories with WIN…as it requires. Arch Linux seems to be a great OS(Open Scource) thing to play with, I’m having fun here and WIN even though it may sem a BTW to you!
    Blatantly obvious dont want to play anymore! for the time being.
    I guess Mac OSX is yet another….

  4. jtfolden 06/08/2005 / 11:31 pm

    Considering that the “classic” Mac OS (those prior to X) never was troubled by more than around 40 viruses, and there are currently NONE in the wild for OS X, I’d say it will be an extremely cold day in Hades before the average Mac user will have to worry about that crap. Granted, Symantec and the like will try to convince everyone to the contrary.

    Meanwhile, I hear rumblings that at least one virus is already in the wild that specifically targets Windows Vista, and it’s not even a released OS as of yet… That says what?

  5. kyte 07/08/2005 / 2:35 pm

    uhm… to me it would say “Get a Mac!”

  6. sod 10/08/2005 / 7:01 am

    Yeah J I am thought disordered at times. Apart from this I’m still having fun mooching around the various OS for fun! Yes Kyte keeps subtley referring to the the OS that seems to have permanent viral prophalactic rubber on!

  7. sod 10/08/2005 / 7:02 am

    Correction = Anti-Viral Rubber

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