Stats can be interesting…

Since moving to my new host I have discovered the joys of awstats, and it verifies what I always believed to be true… that being that most of my visitors are NOT IE users.

Firefox No 1372 55.3
MSIE No 722 29.1
Safari No 179 7.2
Unknown ? 160 6.4
Mozilla No 15 0.6
Netscape No 15 0.6
Opera No 12 0.4
Links No 3 0.1
wget Yes 1 0

Beats me why anyone would want to leech my entire site… if thats what they did.. maybe stealing the theme or something. Tragic, isn’t it.


4 thoughts on “Stats can be interesting…

  1. Michael 14/07/2005 / 5:45 am

    Hey, that’s quite an ahievement. Well done! It just confirms that people who read your site are smart!!!

    I view your site from Firefox in Linux; hope the stats show OS as well.

  2. kyte 14/07/2005 / 6:46 pm

    Alas no. They list them by version number in the full listing, so for example there are 15 visitors who have 1.0.5 which I did not know existed.

  3. Michael 16/07/2005 / 4:11 am

    Re Firefox 1.05: You’ve got to be quick! BetaNews ( is my source for all that. I had Firefox 1.05 running in Windows and Linux the same day!

    I can’t tell any difference. I think the new release was to fix security flaws.

    BetaNews reported this week that Firefox is nearing 10% market share, so your site is way ahead.

  4. kyte 16/07/2005 / 4:32 pm

    I have a sneaking suspicion that my first estimate is way out. It occurred to me that my own use of Firefox in setting up WP at the new host (I use it rather than Safari because safari does not show some of the WP Control panel GUI stuff) has inflated the stats.

    Nonetheless, even at the last host there tended to be a bit of a preponderance. It was well over 10% though and closer to 50. I’ll do another check in a month.

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