smsZap is a Mac application which you can use to send SMS over the internet. The application is free, and comes with 10 free credits to start you off. It doesn’t need your phone to work, and sends the message so it appears to come from your phone. I sent a test message to myself to check whether advertising comes with the message and I am pleased to report that it does not.

Sometimes, there are occasions when I need to send an SMS even from home. This app makes it (sending an SMS) so much more palateable. I don’t know about you, but I am not especially adept at the keypresses on the phone pad and find them awkward to say the least… however, I do like the convenience of SMS in some circumstances, and this seems to fit the bill very nicely.

smsZap integrates your addressbook very nicely within itself so its quick and easy to access the number you wish to send to, and there is a report tab where you can watch the progress of your SMS move from Queued to Sent to Successful in real time.

In Australia, credit purchase works out cheaper if you buy in big bulk, and its probably wise to do so because most SMS within Australia these days will cost 20c or less, and 20c per message is around what you’ll pay on the 500 credit purchase. This is also what you’ll pay for most messages going to other countries as well, although there are a few countries which are more expensive to send to. Sending to Australia and most countries will cost you 3 credits a throw.

smsZap is worth a look, Macintosh only.


4 thoughts on “smsZap

  1. oliy 15/08/2005 / 1:18 pm

    this app is not free you have to pay for credits so no its not free, nice play on words though

    sounds like another mac $cam to get your money, amazying the things people think up to sell lol

    another useless internet item

  2. kyte 15/08/2005 / 1:34 pm

    The application *is* free, and I did specify that you get 10 free credits. I also later specified the costs in Australia. Perhaps your reading skills need some improvement.

  3. OTOANASI AKPANTAH 24/02/2006 / 6:42 am

    How do I get the software you mentioned?

  4. kyte 24/02/2006 / 6:54 am

    Ummm… try following one of the links on this page. This is not free software.

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